This is a website to make my own notes.

It will cover topics about wealth, investments, health, tax tips, mindset, book summaries and other research that I like doing.

I am making them public for two reasons:

  1. I can jump on any of my websites and see the details in one place. So more of a reference for me.
  2. People who are knowledgeable about the topics can also learn from it.
  3. Sometimes friends ask me about certain things. So I might tell them to go for a particular post to learn the details.

It should not be treated as a legal reference or in any way considered the provision of legal, financial, health or tax advice.

Readers should always consult their own legal, tax, and financial advisers.

For any health-relevant topics, they should consult with their physicians.

If you are looking for some book summaries you will find them here. I would suggest you start here so you know which category you want the book notes from.