How to Work Without getting Distracted — Productivity

I was lucky to buy AntiSocial when it was a one time payment of $10 this is what FREEDOM used to be.

I also use Forest app and I have a life time subcription of Focus@Will app to listen to Music while working.

Recuse time is really good for blocking unproductive websites and also tracking how you spent time and where all of your time went but has to be used with other phone blocking apps since it can not specifically track the apps like facebook, instagram etc.

Note all of the above things are necessary for people like me who get easily distracted. I have some friends and my wife who when they start working do not get distracted. So you know who you are and the above tools will help you.

Awesome Trick to NOT waste time Watching Movies or TV Shows

Here is the trick to avoid: Make a list of the movies and keep it with you

This way you mind know ones your task, your book, your exams or whatever project you are working on is over you will be able to see it.

Currently on my list is Tiger King, Ozarks season 3, and Money Heist Season 4