Only two things are important …remembering goals and taking action with enthusiasm

Remembering Goals

You will tend to forget goals because you are not reaching them.

You have tried hard for 1-2 days or 1-2 weeks and see no results to you tend to get sad or not hopeful and forget the goals.

And then either you find other distrctiging goals to work on or you will remember this main goal after 1-2 months or 1-2 years. and then the whoe cycle repeats again.

Solution: Rember goals – write them down – create reminders so you can see them everyday …Hang the goal in your room

Taking Action with Enthusiasm Part 1

By enthusiasm I mean full energy

we all have fulll energy…

even on days we are not feeling well….

even when we are hurting our back/leg

even when we did not sleep well

even when we are feeling groggy

even we are feeling NOW NOT lets do it TOMORROW


Because think about it you are in one of the above situations and:

  1. you suddenly got a call that you won a prize of 1M dollars …heck lets say 5000$ and you would have to come in their office to claim your prize. You do not have access to a car or any kind of transport. The office is 30 mins away. Will you go? Will you go when the weather is bad and is 0 degrees? Will you go when the day is super hot? Will go you on a rainy day? Will you go when your back is hurting?
  2. You are kidnapped by a mob Gangster…they just want to kill you tomorrow for their own agenda. today you somehow to get an opportunity to run away …a window when no one was looking or they were gone to get supplies to take a break. Will you run? Will you run without proper shoes? Will, you enthusiastic and passionate to run away from the situation. I can guarantee you will give 200% and might surprise yourself.

We have all been in these kind of pressurized situations and all perform well.

Taking Action with Enthusiasm Part II

There is another situation when you are not giving all in towards your goals.

when you do not believe anything is truly achievable

If you don’t believe your book would not generate a million dollars you do not work towards it passionately

if you don’t beleive you can lose weight you do now work towarsd is passionalte

to make it clear – imagine someone told you – you have to walk 1 mile for 3 days straight and you will lose 5kg or 10lbs…would you do it? Heck yes. I would be doing double the mile for those 3 days.

and of course, we both know that if someone was walking an extra 1 mile every day for 2 months they will definitely lose weight – but still, people find it difficult to lose weight…so believing the goal is achievable …this, not some HO HAA SECRET BS….we do not need any study to prove it. We do not need to pay 5K or 10K to Tony Robbins or Grant Cardone Weekend Seminar with “PLATINUM PLUS” seating to understand this… I just proved in the paragraph above. I just gave you $10000 worth of advice…FOR FREE.

James clear says
“Every action is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”
“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems”

Key Takeaway

Always beleive in your Goal – if others have already done it then it is easy to convince youself it is possible

Keep working towards your goal with passion….with enthusiasm…and you will stop working with passion once you stop believing in your Goal.