How to Lose Weight

Losing weight is simple …eat less and exercise more….but still most people can not do it.

Do not bring addiction food in the home (you can eat once or twice outside the home) – Addiction food includes Pecans, Protein Bars, Chocolates, cheese, etc


Why are you becoming healthier? Remember your why! Are you doing to look good, live longer, live healthier, more money, …remember you why! Maybe you have multiple health problems just because of extra weight.

I have Sleep Apnea and it is a direct result of my extra weight. I know it will be solved as soon as I lose weight.

Is it Possible?

If you want to lose weight you will have to start with the assumption that you can do it, it’s not like going to Moon…not 1, 2, 3 but millions of people have done it.

They you need to say to yourself everyday …remind yourself that YES it is possible.


For addition – Learn AVRT technique which actually help the author of Brain over Binge.


Sugar addiction

Sugar addition is real. The main problem is not eating sugar. The main problem is what happens after eating it. On a Europe trip I decided I will start eating those macaroons…it will be only 1 week. But after coming back i was still eating all kind of stupid stuff. I was driving here and there to satisfy my sugar addiction.

A little sugar will not kill you but no one eats a little sugar. We need to use our will power to not take a second, 3rd, 4th or 5th serving of the favorite dessert.

Secret on how to Fast

Fast …at least for 16 hours – more important is to not eat a lot after fasting since all the benefits are negated.

Eat lot of protein and eat early – it will keep you giving the feeling of full.

Also remember …lets say you are fasting…and you have decided to skip dinner. You should remember that it is normal to feel hungry. First you will feel more freuqenty and later it will become a norm and your body and mind will adjust to it.

Here while fasting you need to be conscious and mindful

A successful day at skipping dinner might look like this. Note that this will only happen if you are mindful….consciously noticing what you are thinking.

  • A signal of hunger is sent to the brain
  • Your brain gives you a signal that you are feeling hungry and you need to do something about it….you should have 6 meals a day as they say… might lose muscle as they say….you might faint as they say….fasting is bad as they say
  • You got up and go to your fridge…you open the door and then the kitchen cupboard
  • You suddenly realize you have got rid of all the bad foods like chocolates, protein bars, salted nuts, etc. Then you also realize you are fasting.
  • You look down at your stomach and it has probably 3-4 months of food around it for survival.
  • You go back to what you are doing and drink some water.
  • You know the secret to fast is that while skipping dinner you will at least feel hungry signals 3-4 times.
  • Its 10 pm and you have successfully skipped dinner today…you are so proud now…you did not give up to your hunger cravings.