Fix your Flu and cold without taking medicines

NOTE I am not a doctor however these things have worked for me. I wanted to remember these things which have worked consistently for me and they have worked for others too.


1. Oregano Oil

I have tried a lot of stuff but one thing that stands out is Oregano oil

Now be careful with which Oregano oil since it all depends on concentration and it can burn the skin.

I used this brand “Wild Oregano Oil by Upnature” brand on Amazon. However, you can get any oregano oil…it should be pure i.e. no diluted with other stuff.

2. Local Honey

During flu season I usually take a small spoon of honey in my morning tea or coffee.

Do not buy any honey but honey which is local to your area. I usually go to a local farmer’s market to get this. Other natural stores like whole foods will also carry these.

3. Vitamin C

You can either get vitamin C from the fruits or these “emergen-c” brand on amazon or sams club/Costco type stores. They also have vitamin C in pill form.

During the flu season, it is better to keep taking one tablet every few days.




Lemon Ginger Tea

Taking hot baths

Chicken broth (with ginger)